The Bill Murray Stories

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Enter Bill Murray. The legend of his on-screen persona has gone beyond his films. In news articles we read stories of a tall-man stopping by a dorm to take a shot or wait, he’s standing behind a happy couple during a photo shoot? Actually, did the guy from Ghostbusters just do Karaoke? 

This was the premise of the film The Bill Murray Stories. I created the overall look and feel and animated this to stress a digital search, in order to serve the director's vision of looking for Bill while showcasing the found footage.

This had a 3-week post-production schedule, made easier with clear direction from the director on showcasing the footage and a digital "search" box. As far as the movie goes, the reception has been excellent, debuting at SXSW to sold-out audiences. Can't beat that.



Tommy Avallone


Max Paolucci

Production Co.

Double Windsor Films

Design & Animation

Chris Lee


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